SugarCRM is a suite of software products designed to help sales and marketing organizations better understand and serve their customers so they can increase sales. The software is one of a new generation of applications that run on the so-called "LAMP" stack, or Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, although it also runs on proprietary server components, including IBM's i5/OS, Microsoft's SQL Server, and Oracle 10g. Three versions of the SugarCRM product are available, including one open source edition, called Sugar Open Source, and two commercial versions, called Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise.

In terms of functionality, the Sugar Enterprise suite is geared toward automating day-to-day tasks faced by sales and marketing organizations. The basic open source version, which is free, includes components for managing various aspects of sales and multi-channel marketing, including sales force automation, lead tracking, opportunity and contract management, hosting Web portals, serving e-mail and RSS feeds, document management, and hosting an employee directory.